What Is Spyware for Phones

Spyware for phones can be categorized as a software program that is designed to monitor and record the information on an end-user`s phone. Living up to the name â€spyware`, this software program records the information without the knowledge or the permission of the end-user. If the target user is already aware that monitoring/tracking software has been installed in their phones, the software will no longer be deemed as spyware. Spyware comes with various uses and its application/installation too can be diverse. So if you`re looking to find out more about the working mechanism of the software, here is everything that you need to need to know.

Spyware For Phones – What Is It

Like we already told you, spyware for phones is the kind of software that is installed on a target`s phone to remotely track and monitor them. The working mechanism of a mobile spyware is almost similar to that of a desktop spyware. Like the latter, here too, the spyware is unwittingly installed on the target user`s phone without their knowledge. Once the user gets the spyware installed on their phone, the spy gets a chance to eavesdrop on the conversations from their compromised smartphone. Alternatively, they also get complete access to the data that is stored and used on the target`s device.

To put it simply, spyware for phones is a comprehensive term which is given to the software that gathers details about your mobile and the things you do on it. Right after collecting this information, it automatically sends these details to the third party (person who installed the spyware in the first place). There are many situations when the spyware will first ask your consent. However, in most cases, it will automatically install on your mobile without your knowledge and secretly run in the background.

Since spyware for phones can be installed discreetly, one doesn`t have to physically install the spy software on the target`s phone. With so many apps in place, this job can be conveniently done from a remote location. When you manage to install a decent spyware for phones on the target`s phone, it is likely to help you with monitoring text messages, monitoring call logs, monitoring the internet browsing history, GPS tracking, monitoring emails and monitoring the files and images stored in the target`s phone. These are usually some of the basic monitoring packages. So in case you`re looking to get a more comprehensive insight, you can always try the advanced features.

Who Uses Spyware?

There are several reasons why an individual might use spyware for phones. While many people deem them to be illegal, the software can be used for perfectly legitimate reasons as well. For instance, if you have a child and you`re looking to monitor what they watch and access- spyware for phones can be an excellent option. Alternatively, if you own a company where you are looking to avoid data leaks, then too this option can be considered as a viable one. Yet another significant reason why people choose to use this software is because they are looking to track the activities and whereabouts of their partners. For instance, you`d find several married couples resorting to this software as a means of testing the loyalty of their respective partner. The legality in this case will depend on the country you live in and the privacy laws laid down by them.

Where To Use these Spyware for Phones?

It goes without mention that spyware for phones are usually installed in the phone of your target. You can remotely install this software on the end-user`s phone in order to check their daily whereabouts and other subsequent activities. Once this app is installed, it can be used for-

  • Tracking the browsing habits (of the end-user) and analyzing them for marketing.
  • Collecting the personal details of the end-user and sending them to the third-party.

Thus, whether you happen to be parent who`s looking to track their child`s activities, a professional who`s looking to monitor the activities of your employees, or an individual who`s looking to find out about their spouse- these spyware for phones tools can be an excellent option. Installing them is pretty simple, and you can start getting detailed reports right after the installation. In the next few sections, we will discuss in detail about the working mechanism of the spy software, their benefits, success stories and practically everything else that you wanted to know about them.

How Does A Spyware Work?

Spyware for phones keeps track of every keystroke that is typed by the target user, the software applications used by them, the websites visited by them, the chats or IMs sent by them, the documents opened by them and so on. There are also certain kinds of spyware tools that gives the person`s who`s monitoring the details an ability to freeze, switch off or restart the target`s mobile phone. Some of these versions also let you remotely operate the user`s phone.

The spyware will run in stealth mode right from the time it is installed on the target`s phone. If you have physical access to the target`s phone you can even log into their phone with a special password for checking all the activities they`ve done right from the time they`ve logged in for the last time. In case you do not have physical access to your target`s phone, you will still get details reports regarding their recent activities. This includes the emails and IMs sent by them, the websites visited by them and also the screenshots of their current screen every couple of seconds. All of this will happen behind the back of your potential target.

The common mobile spying tools work in three simple steps

  • The spyware for phones is remotely or physically installed on your target`s cell phone.
  • Right from that time, every activity on their phone is monitored, logged and sent to the servers of the spy software company. This is usually done with a web connection.
  • Finally, you are required to log in to a particular online dashboard with your unique password from where you can view the reports from your target`s phone. This can be done from any corner of the globe with a legitimate internet connection. While you can always download the details on your mobile phones, it is ideally recommended that you download them on your PC.

Spyware For Phones – What Are The Alternatives

If you`re not looking to use a spyware for phones, you can also use mobile phone tracking apps. These apps are as effective as spyware and they send in detailed reports, just the way you want it. Some of the leading mobile spying tools include- XNSpy, Spyzie, Mobistealth, iSpyoo and so on. You can always download these tools remotely on the target user`s phone in order to monitor their activities.

What Are The Most Popular Mobile Tracking Programs?

XNSPY, Track My Phone, Spyzie, MobieStealth and iSpyzoo are some of the leading mobile tracking programs. In case you`re looking to know more about these spyware for phones, here`s quick insight on their features and functionalities.


This is one of the leading mobile spying tools that come with a combination of advanced monitoring and tracking features. This phone has several tracking options that are not merely affordable but also of the highest quality. People using this tool operate it as a surveillance app for their kids, employees and partners. Alternatively, it can also be used for geo-tracking an individual`s activities or location. In fact, anyone can use this device for staying updated about their target`s real-time activities.

Some of the awesome features offered by this tool include phone call/message monitoring, proper access to the IMs and chats, GPS tracking, email monitoring, browser tracking, phone call recording and so on. The best feature, however, is the fact that you can use this tool in order to remotely control your target`s phone. The geo-tracking option too is much more well-defined and advanced than the conventional spying tools. With XNSPY you get a chance to monitor current location, particular locations, location history and so on. So if you`re looking to track someone, XNSPY can be your ultimate option.

2. TrackMyFone

As evident from the name, TrackMyFone is yet another leading mobile tracking app designed to track every possible activity on your target`s phone. This tool comes backed with every relevant feature that you would expect. It can be used for monitoring text messages, calls, email messages, web browsing history, GPS location, instant messages, notifications, alerts, and so on. Alternatively, you can also use it for remotely controlling your phone and tracking it if it happens to be lost. The app is available at an affordable price and it is one of the cheapest ways to monitor your kids or office employees.

The app itself is pretty user-friendly and can be practically installed by anyone. Like most of the apps featured on our list, you can always use TrackMyFone in both your Android and iOS devices. You won`t have to jailbreak your phones for using it, nor will you need extensive/prolonged time to get it installed. TrackMyFone is a three-in-one option to monitor your kids, track your employees and find your phone if it happens to be lost.

3. SpyZie

This is yet another excellent mobile spying app that lets you record text messages and the call history of your target user. Alternatively, you can also use it for monitoring IM chats, checking online browsing history, tracking their location and so on. Unlike any other app, Spyzie comes with keylogger, geo-fencing and many more features that give you a comprehensive insight on the activities of the target user. You can run this app in absolute stealth mode, thereby reducing every possibility of the target user finding out about the app. And the best part- you won`t have to root or jailbreak this app in order to install it.

If you see the video preview itself, you`d find some excellent and intricate features that`ll totally convince you to get the app. One of these is capturing screenshots. Unlike any other spying app, this one will capture timely screenshots and immediately send it to your device. The user-interface too is pretty decent and the app can be used by anyone regardless of their technical knowledge. Since Spyzie can be used on both iOS and Android phones, get this app right away to know everything you wanted to know about the target user.

4. MobiStealth

If you`re looking to find real-time information about a target user, MobiStealth can be your best bet. Like most of the other apps listed here, this one too comes with a wide range of features. The app comes with three new packages with basic, standard and advanced monitoring features. You can always browse through the options and choose one that best meets and lives up to your purpose.

Some of the features offered by the spyware for phones include text message tracking, application list tracking, browser history tracking, location monitoring, email tracking, picture tracking, surround recording and keylogging. The best part- you can also use this software to remotely record your target user`s phone calls and check their Gmail accounts. Since it comes with excellent features for both computer and mobile monitoring, Mobistealth is one of the best choices for business owners. So in case you`re looking to monitor the PC of your employee, then too you can use this software in order to monitor their entire range of activities. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and going by its features and functionalities it definitely seems to be worth your money.

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatchis is a mobile spy app which is designed to monitor your employees, keep your families well-protected and save yourself from cheating partner. The most distinctive feature of this application is the fact that it lets you check and monitor video calls from noth viber and Skype. In addition to this, these spyware for phones also lets you track location, track text messages and call logs, monitor the photos and videos shared by contacts, monitor instant messages, emails and so on.

In case you`re not too sure about using this application, you can also download the trial version for quick insight. This trial version lets you monitor three different devices from a single account. Sounds awesome, isn`t it? The app itself is easy to operate and it`ll hardly take you a couple of minutes to install it. You can easily use and download it according to your preference.

Spyware For Phones – Functionality

In case you`re looking to find out about the functionality of these spying software and are wondering how they work, here`s quick list:

  • Text message Logging – When you get spyware software installed on your target`s phone, the app will automatically log the text messages sent or received on that particular device.
  • Web Activity Tracking – You will get a full list of the URLs of the web addresses visited using the target phone`s browser. Additionally, you will also get information about the sites where the target phone has registered or logged in.
  • GPS Tracking – The Spyware for phones will track the GPS positions of the target device in real-time. This includes details about the places this concerned individual has visited, the places he`s visiting and the place where he is right now.
  • Social Media Tracking – The tool will also log every activity on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp. However, some of these apps will require you to root the phone to get this job done.
  • Application Blocking – Particularly viable for parents who are looking to monitor the activities of their kids, the application blocking feature lets you remotely block specific applications which you think are detrimental to your child.
  • Phone Call Tracking – The app will also log on details about every incoming and outgoing phone call.
  • Installed Apps – Yes, you will now be able to check the applications installed by the target-user. You can remotely block or uninstall these applications as well.
  • Photo Logging – The photos clicked by the target user, will be logged on your device. To put it simply, you will have complete details about the camera photos, the received photos and the screenshots of the target mobile.
  • SMS Command – You can always send an SMS/Text message command in order to block the phone right away. Furthermore, you will also get GPS location and every relevant detail.
  • Alert – On signing up for a mobile tracking app, you will receive alerts for geo-fencing, profanities, intrusion and so on. In case you`re looking to go a notch above, you can also customize the alerts according to your preference.
  • GPS Mapping – The apps feature a live control panel that gives you immediate information about the current, real-time GPS locations of the phone.
  • Live Screenshots – These apps also come with a live control panel that lets you view the current screen of the phone in real-time.
  • Complete Invisibility – With this feature, you can stay completely hidden from the person you`re planning to monitor. This can be your spouse, employees or children. In either case, none of them will find out that you`ve been spying on them. The app will get accurate information while staying completely undetected by the individual using the monitored device.

Each of these features comprehensively assists in remotely viewing and monitoring the target device. Installing these apps is pretty simple and you can get going in a couple of easy steps. Start off by purchasing your preferred app, install it on your phone and you will soon start getting real-time logs.

How Are These Programs Used?

Using these programs is pretty simple if you follow the right steps and do everything as mentioned in the instructions. In case you`re just starting out, here`s everything that you need to do.

Installing The App- In order to install this spyware app, you will need some basic, initial access to your target`s phone. Once the software is installed on the phone, it will start running in the background and the user wouldn`t be informed about it. At this point, you will be able to monitor the phone activities by opening a control panel. Usually, this control panel is web-based.

However, before installing the software on the target`s phone, make sure that the phone is perfectly compatible with this software. In case, there are compatibility issues, the monitoring won`t be carried out properly. Remember, all spyware apps need you to physically download them on the target`s phone. So if you find a company that claims remote installation, immediately note that it is a scam.

Using the Control Panel – The spyware app will require you to use a control panel in order to check the target phone`s logs. This control panel is usually web-based and it will help you track every relevant activity like phone calls, text messages, instant messages, emails, photographs, online browser history and so on. Alternatively, you will also be able to see the phone`s current location on a map. In addition to the mentioned features you will also be able to-

  • Download and review activity logs like recording, images, photos or videos directly on your PC.
  • Control the target phone remotely by locking or unlocking it, starting recordings, interrupting cell phone usage and even deleting the software.
  • Organize new alerts and notifications. Get immediate alerts when specific words are used in text messages or email.
  • Access the account settings and tweak payment options.

Compatibility – In order to ensure that your cell phone or spy app works perfectly on the target`s device; you will have to check if the app is compatible on that device in the first place. Certain spy apps like Mobile spy, iSpyYoo, Mobistealth and Flexispy are compatible with iPhone as well as Android Smartphones. You can visit the company`s website for a complete list of the compatible devices. Choose the spy software only when you know that the user`s phone will be compatible with it.

Proper Internet Access – Your Spyware app will require proper and consistent internet connection to function properly. You can use 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi for instance. Remember, this app won`t send in any activity logs to your control panel if it isn`t connected with the internet. So if you experience issues with it, this can either be caused by installation issues, compatibility issues or terrible internet connection.

Spheres Of Application Of The Cell Phone Tracker

There are several applications of these spyware for phones. Some of them are listed below.

Tracking your employees – If you own a company you`ll often experience glitches and inconsistencies among your employee`s performance. One of the best ways to handle this is by installing a spyware app on their devices. This app will monitor their activities and inform you about the same in a timely manner. In this way, you will get to find out if your employees are working or spending their time elsewhere. This is an excellent way to boost productivity of your employees and ensure that they are doing their jobs properly.

Tracking your Child – If you are unsure about your child`s safety, one of the best ways to check that is by tracking them with remote software. Yes. You can always install this software on their phones in order to check if they are accessing any unwarranted site or checking things that they shouldn`t be seeing. In certain apps, you also get an additional feature where you can block harmful sites for your kids. This can be anything ranging from porn sites to social media platforms. Alternatively, you can also track if your child is being bullied or whether they are completely safe.

Tracking Your Spouse – If you think your spouse is cheating on you, try using these apps to confirm their loyalty. Installing the app on your spouse`s phone will inform you about their whereabouts, location, text and calls. This will help you understand whether they are completely loyal in the relationship.

Success Story Of Using Spyware For Phones

In case you`re still wondering whether you should be using a spyware for phones, here`s a success story that`ll compel you to think twice. This story comes from a mom who had recently witnessed a traumatic experience. Almost a month back, the lady`s son, Sean was abducted and thrashed by his own classmates. This lady in question wouldn`t manage to get his son back, if she didn`t have a spyware app installed on his phone. Since the app let her find the details about his current location, she could immediately trace him to the spot. To her utter disbelief, she found her son with bullies who had beaten him black and blue. It was with the help of the spyware that she was able to take necessary actions against the concerned individual. This lady in question recommends every mother to download this spyware for phones for their kids. In the next few sections, I`ll give you a complete scoop of her story.


Sara was a single mother with a 12-year old son called James. However, James wasn`t the same as every other kid you`d meet. He suffered from cognitive disability that caused him extreme social anxiety. He was always rebuked and taunted in school because of his disability. In fact, this went to a point when he started normalizing the rebuke and taunts. However, from the point he started high school, this bullying took a tad more serious shape. What started off with pushing and light shoving; turned to frequent beatings and thrashing. Sara would often find her son coming home with terrible bruises and black eye. When she asked him he didn`t budge. The regular bullying traumatized James to such an extent that he wasn`t even comfortable divulging the details to his own mother. It was at this point when Sara decided to get a spyware for phones for her son. She did this because she wanted to know what exactly happened to him.

How Did The App Help Her?

Almost two weeks after she installed the monitoring app on James` phone, James didn`t head back home after his school. Sara found this pretty strange because it was pretty unlike James to go elsewhere without informing her. She waited for a couple of hours. However, her anxiety started taking a toll on her. At this point, she logged on to the control panel of the app in order to check his location history. She could now see every place that James had visited after school along with the detailed timeline. She checked his route, and most importantly, his current location. This detail about the current location shocked her. The app showed that James was currently in an infamous warehouse near his school. Sara didn`t wait any longer and immediately informed the authorities. Within the next couple of minutes, she set out for finding James.

The Aftermath

James was found near a couple of warehouses in a specific area that was practically in the middle of nowhere. He was found shuddering in the dark, bleeding profusely because he had been thrashed. His belongings were stolen and nothing was to be found. Yes. The perpetrators even managed to steal his phone. But that didn`t stop Sara. She immediately used the app in order to track the phone. It was eventually found in the house of James` classmate, who, on further probing confessed to his crimes.

Fortunately, James recovered within a week. However, those bullies were immediately expelled from the school. They are now serving in community service.

Sara would never get hold of James or his phone if she didn`t install these spyware for phones. So if you`re a parent who`s concerned about their child`s safety, get these mobile tracking apps right away. Don`t wait for something terrible to happen to your child. Take action now!


While installing a spyware app comes with very many advantages, you should always do so with a fair degree of caution. Make it a point to study about the app, check its legality and analyze every other subsequent situation even before you download the app. Once you follow these guidelines, using Spyware for phones will turn out to be highly beneficial for you.