How can I use spy applications to monitor employees

mSpy / Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Is it legal to track your employees using Spy applications?

Increasingly, both various small and large businesses are adopting and taking advantage of tracking the mobile device of their employees using spy applications. A company often provides its employees with their owned smartphones to be able to keep in touch especially if they are working in the field. The smartphone provided is for the purpose of making it easier for the employees to be able to share files, send emails, and manage projects apart from other possible uses.

While the smartphone is able to be used in the manner aforementioned, some employees often tend to abuse that privilege of being provided with a smartphone. Instead of only performing the required work tasks, an employee can be browsing social media sites and therefore wasting a valuable working time for the company. In another possible scenario, an employee may be tempted to leak company information that is sensitive. Therefore, you need a solution for protecting your company from these possible costly employee activities. The solution is using MSPY.

MSPY is able to be installed onto the smartphone owned by a company for the purpose of recording and saving employee activities. These activities may include text messages, GPS locations, calls, WhatsApp,web history, and social media. The information recorded by the MSPY application is sent to a private viewing account for you to access online and at any time.

Having seen the importance of MSPY spying software and possible uses, the main pending question is that is it legal to track your employees? The simple answer is yes. The use of MSPY is perfectly legal and you can inform your employees in advance that they will be monitored.

It is important that spy applications are not employed for invading the private life of someone as that is not only immoral but can also be damaging. You must greatly factor in the privacy of your employees before using any of the spy applications available. It is best to inform your employees of the use of the MSPY application to track their mobile device activities.

How to install spy applications on all phones

To be able to start monitoring your employee activities with MSPY, the first and important step involved is installing the application. Installing of MSPY is easy and simple as only three steps are involved. These steps are:


From the official website of MSPY, you will see the “Buy Now” button and when you click it, you will be given various subscription options. Select one option and proceed to fill out the provided order form. You are then supposed to complete the payment and check your email as the installation instructions are provided.

II. Install and Set up

Download mSpy and of course, install the phone tracking software onto the employee’s phone. It is important to note that the premium features of the application require jailbreaking the iOS or rooting the Android device.

III. Start tracking

For you to start monitoring employee device activities including texts, calls and GPS locations, you are supposed to log in to the control panel of the mSpy.

What data can be controlled in the cabin of spy applications?

As I had briefly touched on the subject before, there are various types of data that is able to be controlled in the cabin of spy software. You are able to control;

  • Calls
  • Text messages (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger, etc.)
  • Multimedia files (Photos and Videos)
  • Locations
  • Emails
  • Contacts and calendar
  • Internet activity
  • Applications

Advantages of mspy

I. Mspy enables company-supplied smartphones to be employed for monitoring or tracking the activities of employees. The software is able to provide the company with the necessary information concerning how an employee is using his/her mobile device. The information that the company requires can be as detailed as needed.

II. Because of the GPS functionality, it becomes possible for an employer to be aware of the location of an employee or employees at the time the apps were being used.

III. Excellent 24/7 support and assistance provided. In case that you are having any troubles or need any help or explanations, then the customer support is available throughout the day and night and even on weekends and holidays. Moreover, it is important to note that multi-language support is available.

IV. Comfortable refund policy.

V. Reasonably priced subscription packages.

VI. Blocking incoming calls, websites and apps are possible.

Disadvantages of mspy

I. Does not support Android older versions

II. Installing the software onto a mobile device you do not own may constitute a violation of the federal or local law. Therefore, before installing this software on any phone, it is important that you seek the advice of your legal expert. Your legal expert is in a better position to inform you whether it is illegal or not to install the tracking software on a device. If you install the tracking software on any device, you are approving that you have the legal rights to be able to do that.

III. Premium mSpy account required for monitoring non-standard applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This also requires “rooting” on an Android phone/device or jailbreaking on an iOS phone/device.

Responsible use of spy applications

The use of spy software such as mSpy is not only a legal matter but there is also the moral aspect involved. I must stress that before the program is installed on any mobile device that you consult your legal expert. Laws in regard to the use of such programs tend to differ from one country to another and in the US for example, the laws tend to differ and change from one state to another.

For the moral aspect of using spy applications, various businesses are using them for legitimate reasons. If a business is using the tracking software to improve the productivity of workers and the company and also avoid leaking of sensitive company information then that constitutes legitimate reasons. But we are also alive to the fact that a good number of the spy applications are marketed and employed for catching a cheating partner or spouse. Depending on how you choose to use the software or any other spy applications, you will be solely responsible and liable for its use.

In conclusion, among the spy applications that are available, it is indeed true that the mSpy is a powerful smartphone monitoring software. The features for monitoring the activity of your employees are very essential in discouraging employees from wasting the productive time of the company. Apart from being used to monitor employees, the application can also be used by a parent to monitor the activities of a child.

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